My Project 333 wardrobe

Most of the wardrobes for the Project 333 – at least the ones I’ve come across – are as minimalist in content as in form. But I need lace, swishy skirt hems and romantic styling even when paring down my clothes. Here’s my romantic feminine take on minimal wardrobe.

1. Cream-colored chemical lace dress from Cream
2. Gray tulle lace dress (note: these lace dresses look very luxurious, but can be washed in machine & need no ironing)
3. Dress from marimekko Purnukka fabric – made by me
4. Simple brown jersey dress – made by me

5. Black and white canvas skirt with kitchen themed print – made by me
6. Simple gray fine wool skirt, suitable for work – made by me
7. Gray/nude tulle lace skirt – made by me

8. White cotton wrap knit by NoaNoa
9. Beige warm knit with lace detail by Cop.Copine
10. Beige jersey wrap shirt by NoaNoa
11. Grey-brown t-shirt by NoaNoa
12. Dark green jersey shirt with cute collar by Jane Marple
13. Same as 10 but dark green (both bought in 2008 and I wish I’d bought it in more colours, super useful item)
14. Silk/linen knit by Samuji

15. Linen jacket made by Tiina Talvikki
16. Black corduroy jacket – thrifted
17. Black silk-wool scarf
18. Grey-blue wool scarf by Tikau (handwoven in India, check out their scarves!)
19. Cream-coloured lace scarf

20. Brownish grey boots by Wonders
21. Greyish brown heels by Chie Mihara
22. Nude high heels (for parties)
23. Yellow flats by Pedro Garcia
24. Wood-sole sandals by Moheda toffeln
25. Rain boots
26. Large fabric bag – made by me (partly made of same fabric as jacket 15)
27. Cream-coloured chemical lace bag from KappAhl Vintage Stories

then add 3 pairs of earrings and 3 necklaces (seen in previous post) = total 33 items!

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